MatheGrafix 10

MatheGrafix 8Here you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions: What is Mathegrafix, what can you do with it and how can you test it in two minutes?

What’s about MatheGrafix?

MatheGrafix is a program for drawing, presentation and printing graphs of functions and geometric objects.

The program requires no installation and may be used from the USB stick (portable), it simply consists of one file. MatheGrafix works fine under Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit).

MatheGrafix is an excellent tool that allows you to plot 2D graphs including linear, geometric, exponential, fractals ones and more. The program operates in two modes: you can introduce the formula and plot the graph or you can draw interactively a geometric function on the graph.

There are two important windows: the „Mode functions“ window which is the main one, and the „Graphs“ window where the graphs are plotted. There is a presentation mode that combines both windows in full screen mode.

In the main window you will find different tabs: Functions, Geometry I, Geometry II, and Fractals. In the function tab you can introduce the formula of the function, and set the graph properties. You can plot up to 9 functions at the same time. You just have to select the number of the function and introduce the formula. There are different ways to introduce a formula: you can type it directly, use the buttons on the board, or use any of the predefined functions and examples for editing them later. The functions introduced are automatically plotted in the Graphs window.

The tabs „Geometry I“ and „Geometry II“ are very similar; you can select one of the buttons for drawing directly on the graph.

In the fractals tab there are many fractal examples, but you can also type and edit the formulas for plotting them later in the Graphs window.

The program is available to download in a portable version and in a setup file to be installed on your system.


Quick test MatheGrafix in two minutes!
Download MatheGrafix just from here, unzip and start the program. Click the button „Print“ and then „OK“. MatheGrafix now works with inches and cm. You will see a parabola in highest quality with 1/4″ grid size.


What can you do with MatheGrafix?
  • You can print the graphs directly from the program with a score table.
  • You can copy the graphs directly and true to scale to your word processing (such as Word, OpenOffice) in 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch or 1/2 cm grid size.
  • You can copy the graphs as a bitmap to your image processing or to your presentation program in highest quality:

    Function     Parabola        Family of functions      Schar

  • You can present your graphs in full-screen mode (for example with beamer and laptop).
  • You can complete the graphs with dashed lines, labeling, points, circles, vertical lines and surfaces!
  • You can enter the function equations with the help of a library with many examples.
  • Fractals and Lyapunov-Diagrams in high resolution.

The graphs can also be saved. On this website you will find the latest downloads and support.
The score table may be sent to all Office programs such as Excel, Word, OpenOffic Writer or Calc.